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# [Vivio Swift](
The Vivio Swift WordPress plugin provides unrestricted access to many speed enhancements for your WordPress sites, including PHP to HTML caching, CSS and JS combination and compression, disabling of render-blocking JS, removal of cache-hindering URL variables, and more.
The Vivio Swift WordPress plugin alpha release provides a comprehensive page caching system that completely bypasses PHP using .htaccess files. The primary goal of this release is to demonstrate and test the page caching systems, exclusion system, logging features, and refresh events.
## Features Include
## Page Caching
* Producing HTML pages from PHP pages to reduce the processing load of PHP
* Highly aggressive default caching system works out-of-the-box on most installs
* Converts processing-heavy PHP pages to fast-loading HTML pages
* Dramatically reduces web server CPU and Memory use
* Dramatically reduces database server CPU and Memory use
* Completely bypasses PHP processing engine using extremely fast .htaccess redirects
* Dramatically improves existing CDN benefits by making more site pages cachable
## Exclusion System
* Highly Configurable exclusion system prevents caching to important requests
* Exclude requests based on cookies, or various path-based attributes
## Logging System
* Comprehensive Logging System tells you exactly what's going on within Vivio Swift
* Distinct logging levels provides you with as much or as little information as you need.
## Refresh Events
* Update your cache whenever certain events occur, like when you publish a new post.
## Remove Query Strings from Static Resources
* Remove query strings from static WordPress resources to make them easier to cache
## Planned Features
* Image compression using GD or Vivio service
* CSS minification (compression)
* JS minification (compression)
* CSS combination to reduce the number of HTTP requests to a server
* JS combination to reduce the number of HTTP requests to a server
* Asynchronous loading of Google Fonts
* Disabling of render-blocking JS
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* and more...
## Possible Upcoming Features
* Remove query strings from static resources
* Image compression using Vivio service
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